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3 Career Myths That Hold Women Back

Are women just less well-equipped than men to succeed at work?

myths and factsThe answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. No matter how good you are at the day-to-day tasks of your job, a key role in your success is how you engage with not only your management but your coworkers but there are 3 career myths that hold women back and you must know them and dismiss them.

Women Working asked me to spend the month of April 2015 as "Coach of the Month", publishing articles on various topics to help women take their career to the next level. The focus being on "women" I wanted to talk about the huge misconceptions I have noticed harbored by them in the corporate environment, particularly around excuses for the lack of the progress that they think they deserve. Here I will present a quick overview and the links to the full text; hurry on over to "Women Working" to get my full take on this and to start taking control of your career back from these workplace myths!

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3 Career Myths that Hold Women Back

There are three main career myths you want to identify, and then understand that they are NOT responsible for your current situation at work. You've heard them I'm sure, at every level: from classmates at school, friends in college or colleagues at work after a performance review. We face the battle against these myths for two main reasons because:
1. they ARE repeated so often
2. that small part of us that wants to explain things will grab onto them like life preservers

But just like excelling at work by putting in the effort to distinguish ourselves, we need to put in the work to rise above these thoughts:

1. A personal story and one of the biggest myths of all

3 Career Myths That Hold Women Back - Part 1: "I let that false assumption lead my actions, until I learned the truth: You hold yourself back permanently if you choose to believe the unfairness against your sex."

2. Two more myths and how to dismiss them forever

3 Career Myths That Hold Women Back - Part 2: "Remember, a no is not a rejection, but rather a response to your request."

3. It takes more than just hard work

Is Working Hard Really The Only Answer?: "...working too hard can sabotage your career success."

Invest in Yourself and Improve Every Aspect of your Work

executive womanThere are many parts to career advancement: your work, your peers, your boss, your field are just a few. Dealing with those when you are having crippling thoughts about your own abilities is almost impossible! So once you get centered and realize that you have the ability, that is when you can work to improve the external factors. But where can you learn to do this? And who will tell you about all the things you don't even realize you don't know?

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