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About Fast Track Promotion and Farnoosh

businesswoman standing in office with colleagues on backgroundHi there. Welcome to Fast Track Promotion!

If you're here, you are a smart hard-working employee, doing everything that is expected of you at your job but your career has stalled.

You thought you knew all about career success but now, after a few years of not advancing and not getting recognized, you're not so sure.

You are confused why others are moving up and getting taken care of while you're neglected.

And you still care. You care about your career, your company and the level of work that you produce. You care about doing a good job, being valuable and creating positive change.

You want to play a big game and get appreciated and recognized for it by your management and your company.

You also want work to fit into your lifestyle so you don't become a workaholic, or give up family time or neglect your health while building a successful ride to the top.

If that's you, I'm here to show you how to fast track your career now, not later.

The Fast Track Promotion material really helped me operationalize a plan to improve my relationship with my boss. ~Clint Craun, Senior Project Manager

This site is here to serve you because your story relates deeply to my own career story before I cracked the code to corporate success. My mission to help smart careerists like yourself get unstuck, get ahead, get recognized and get promoted, while making a positive difference in the world.

Fast Track Promotion shows you how to work smarter, not harder, how to stop sabotaging your own hard work without knowing it, how to position yourself just right so your management can see you as the obvious choice for next promotion. And how to do all this without playing games, without favoritism, and without politics.

2 Gems of Career Advice You'll Wish You'd Learned First Year on the Job:

Smiling man with arms crossed in officeIf you can change 2 quick things about your job right now, let it be the career advice below:

  1. You must eradicate your self-limiting beliefs to succeed: These beliefs and thought patterns hold you back from advancing. They are obvious to the outside world and make you a poor candidate for promotion.
  2. You must know how the corporate system works to succeed: Getting ahead at corporate has nothing to do with working harder, but about cracking the code which nobody on the inside of corporate teaches you.

I am amazed by the depth of understanding into the promotion process Farnoosh offers and the diversity of managers and employees she worked with to create this program. ~Jessika Lynch, Regional Marketing Director

The problem is that there's no training program - no Corporate Survival Guide 101 - to help you take the right steps and avoid the wrong ones from Day 1. No program that tells you step by step what to do to get noticed by your management, to negotiate a good raise, to set expectations, to get promoted, and to get all the money you deserve.

So I went out and created one.

Farnoosh has cracked the code of corporate life and given a solution to the obstacles I’ve fought against for over a decade! ~Pete Ferguson, Senior Manager

Hi, I'm Farnoosh Brock and I created Fast Track Promotion.

Farnoosh_headshotHi and welcome. I am Farnoosh Brock and I am the creator of Fast Track Promotion website and blog as well as Crack the Code to Get Promoted program. I spent 11 1/2 years in Corporate America in a Fortune 100 technology company building a successful career, and what I learned about advancing and moving up shocked me!

In 2011, I left my career to start my own business so I could create programs and services that specifically target my true passion: helping frustrated employees like you to actually figure out the corporate landscape and to learn how to climb the corporate ladder, how to advance in their jobs and how to get the promotions and raises that they fully have earned.

Crack the Code has opened my eyes about so much that I’m doing wrong and it’s helping understand exactly what to do to turn things around. ~Gene D'Arco, Area Manager

Today, I spend a lot of my time working with careerists who find themselves at cross-roads, writing books, speaking, coaching and running a personal development blog at Prolific Living, running our Fast Track blog here, and traveling.

My mission is help you understand how you can get promoted and move up in your company by doing the stuff that really matters. I've been there - I've done that. Years of mentoring, research, conversations with career experts, working with executives and company leaders, and building the first hand successful career in corporate has given me the code to career success.

In a nutshell, as you may have already seen, career success and happiness aren't what you were told or assumed.

The good news is that it's also not based on a huge stroke of luck or a miracle from above. You can learn career success. You can learn useful strategies and you can learn the stuff that the guy (or gal) three levels above you used to get up there.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels and start getting ahead in life and in your career, and if you want to go from a victim mindset to an abundance mindset that brings you all the success and riches you want, Fast Track Promotion is here for you. Here's how to jump right in:

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What the Crack the Code program helped me to realize is that I can use my talent on my terms, making decisions that fit with my moral backbone. ~Kim Nightingale, Owner at Nightingale Notes.