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3 Career Myths That Hold Women Back

Are women just less well-equipped than men to succeed at work? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. No matter how good you are at the day-to-day tasks of your job, a key role in your success is how you engage with not only your management but your coworkers but there are 3 career myths that hold […]

Unconventional Career Advice that Can Explode Your Success at Work

Got any good advice to be successful at work? Tell me, what’s the best career advice you ever got? And do you remember who gave it to you?

5 Signs to Tell if Your Boss is Cheating You out of Your Promotion Behind Your Back

True Career Story (because you can’t make this stuff up!): I’d been at my job 5 years when this happened. Things were finally going really well. I had made huge progress from the early days at my tech support engineer job, I was performing at a very high level compared to the rest of the team, […]

4 Career Advice You Should Ignore If You Want to Be Successful

Are you following career advice that does more harm than good? Wildly successful people never follow conventional wisdom. They just go out there, decide what they want, and create the circumstances to get it! So should you! ~Prolific Living There is no shortage of smart and hard-working employees out there and if you’re reading this, […]