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Get Everything You Want When You Communicate Like This

How Many Leaders Keep to Themselves?

business meetingThe answer is not very many. No matter how good you are at the day-to-day tasks of your job, a key role in your success is how you engage with not only your management but your coworkers.

Women Working asked me to spend the month of April 2015 as "Coach of the Month", publishing articles on various topics to help women take their career to the next level.

As several of the articles dealt with effective communication, I wanted to present a quick overview and the links to the full text. I highly encourage you to read each of them if you want to supercharge your workplace engagement!

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Different Types of Communication

Interaction with others within your workplace can happen in a number of ways, from an informal group by the water-cooler to a closed-door one-on-one with your manager about your next compensation adjustment. So are more relaxed than others but every single one is saying something to others about you as a person and as a coworker. You want to ensure that every person takes away a message of confidence and authority from how you present yourself.

Here are three situations where you want to shine, not only for appearances but for getting what you want:

1. A few ideas on how and why to make an impact during a group meeting

Why You Need To Speak Up At Meetings: "If you stay quiet at team meetings, it can be construed as lack of interest, lack of attention, and lack of focus."

2. The one-on-one conversation when you want something

How To Get What You Want, Every Time: "As a driven corporate gal, I wanted to present a strong, independent and confident front, and asking for anything seemed to—falsely mind you—contradict with that picture."

business meeting3. Bit by bit, over the long run, to enhance your image

3 Things To Know To Get Them To Listen: "Act as a leader. Deliver results. Become a key player."

And let's not miss the relationship of these ideas: if you want to advance at your job, you are going to have to effectively talk to people, and you'll need to get really good at this, and even grow to like it! So start now.

Invest in Yourself and Learn HOW to Communicate at Work

Advancement in the workplace is almost ALWAYS tied to improving the interactions you have with those around you: not just your management but your peers as well. Getting better at these communications takes work, and the investment you make in doing so will pay you back multiple times over. And that is but one pillar of a successful career!

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