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FAQ for Crack the Code to Get Promoted

1. I have been stuck in my role for 5 years with no raise or promotion. Does this program help me get unstuck and get promoted?
Yes, absolutely. Crack the Code is the ideal program for you if you have not been recognized and you are doing the work and showing good effort at your company. You learn what is not working and how to change that and what you are not doing at your job right now that will propel you toward that raise and promotion.

2. How do I know Crack the Code to Get Promoted will apply to my situation?
Answer these questions before you take the course: Are you being passed over for promotion, recognition and monetary compensation at work? Are you making less money than your peers in the same job, even though you are performing as well or better? Are you struggling to get the attention of your management or getting the runaround about advancement? If yes to any of these questions, Crack the Code system shows you exactly how to change for the better.

3. What if I am early in my career and I don’t want a promotion per se, I just want to get recognized and valued, does this program apply to me?
This program will show you the exact strategies and techniques you can use daily at your job to make that happen. If you just want to get recognized, you need to know how to deliver value. You learn that in this course and you learn the shift in mindset that can make this happen in just 2 to 3 weeks.

4. What makes this better than other 'career advancement' programs?
This is my first hand direct experience of 11+ years at a Fortune 100 company, so I speak from the trenches. I am not teaching you some theory like a professor who's never "been there, done that". Second, I have had the advice and help of 25 experts who have given their stamp of approval to the program. Most of all, let me ask you: Have you ever taken a career advancement course that ACTUALLY got you that promotion and big raise? I have not found one, so I created this proven success system for you from combined experience and expertise.

5. Is this program only for corporate America or does it apply to corporate Europe and Asia?
Yes, the students of this course come from North America, England, Saudi Arabia, Australia, to name a few. Because the success principles in a corporate environment are the same in every country, but I help you take into account the cultural differences as well.

6. What success have others had with Crack the Code to Get Promoted?
You will find success stories here (scroll down). Some of the immediate results that others have seen include higher trust and attention from their management, being asked to work on high visibility projects, getting in the inner circle of their company, support of their adversaries who now seem them as peers, being assigned more important roles, and promotion plus raise for their increased efforts.

7. How is this course delivered to students?
Crack the Code to Get Promoted is a self-study course with all of the material available to you immediately upon registration. You get full access to the audio modules, worksheets, transcriptions, Facebook community (optional), and the full list of my top resources for success. So you can take this online course from your home anywhere in the world and benefit fully from it.

8. I worry about sharing information online. Is my information held private?
A resounding YES. All the course material is behind a secure website.

9. What is the course work like and how much time to set aside?
You get 17 hours of audio jam packed with winning advice for advancing your career and you can listen at your own pace. I recommend one or two audio tracks per week. You may move faster if you are applying the lessons to your workplace and career right away. The more time you put into it, the faster you expedite your advancement and your promotion. Most students complete the course in 2 to 2 ½ months by putting in about 2 hours of listening to audio per week.

10. What if I can’t keep up with the course schedule due to stuff coming up in my life?
Remember, the course is completely safe-paced. You have lifetime access to the audio modules and worksheets so you can do them at your convenience. So you can pick it back up when you are ready without feeling “behind”.

11. For how long after the class ends will I continue have access to the material?
You have LIFETIME access to Crack the Code to Get Promoted – which includes all the audio modules, worksheets, the private forum and other resources. You can come back next year this time, login and you get INSTANT ACCESS to everything again!

12. I don’t know if this is a good investment in myself. I have doubts.
If you are not 100% ready to invest in yourself in order to create the ideal conditions for your success, both financially and emotionally, then this course is not for you. If you are tired of wasting your time and not getting any wins at work, and you are ready to get rewards you have earned, you will get big results out of this course.

13. Okay I am in. I want to create my dream career now. But just in case I change my mind, do you have a guarantee?
You bet, I have a guarantee that puts all the risk on me so you can try the course completely free for one month. In that, if you don’t feel this is worth your investment, then you can ask for a refund. No hard feelings, no questions asked. I give you every dime back and I even help you figure out where to find the ideal program to help you. You have 30 days to get a full refund. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

**If you still have questions, contact Farnoosh directly.**

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