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Make Your Boss’s Life Easier in Two Simple Ways

Full Transcription for the video lesson below:
Hi there. I’m Farnoosh Brock and I help you get recognized for all of your hard work.

First, the Wrong Way...

Today we talk about two ways you can make your boss’s life easier, which in turn makes your life easier. Wherever you are in the company you have a boss, and this is a person you want to build a very strong relationship with.

So first, before we get into the two strategies, I’d like to bust a myth.
This is not the same thing as kissing up to your boss, which is something that does not appeal to any intelligent, hardworking person. In fact, this is a misconception that held me back early in m career from building a stronger relationship with some of my earlier bosses.

Connecting Your Boss with the Right Resources

So now, let’s talk about how you can do this.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “The Tipping Point,” he talks about the concept of connectors. How do you become a connector? A connector is someone that is knowledgeable with resources that they know, the network that they have and anybody can accomplish this.

My suggestions for you in terms of making your boss’s life easier are:

  1. You make his life easier by connecting him or her to the right people, and
  2. You make his or her life easier by connecting him or her to the right resources.

Making Your Boss's Life Easier, Explained

First, you want to learn your boss’s priorities and his or her professional goals. The more you know about your boss’s priorities, the better you can make his life easier. After you learn this information, you connect him with the people that get him closer to his goals. You make introductions, you think about someone in your network that can be helpful or useful to your boss.

In terms of resources, think of books, educational material; think of applications, resources, websites- anything that helps him get closer to his goals or make better time on whatever goals that he has.

If you can do this effectively, and you can it as little as once or twice a week, you will become an invaluable resource in your boss’s eyes and build an even stronger relationship, and in fact this helps you get closer to your own promotion.

As a Connector, What's Next?

Making your boss's life easier is going to better position you for recognition but it's not all you need to do. The career roadmap you need for this recognition is complex, and it's not something that your company will lay out for you.

It took me lots of time and many mistakes in my own corporate job before understanding what needed to be done to move ahead. And that is why I created Crack the Code to Get Promoted, an online program that examines all of pieces to the "get promoted" puzzle, and shows you how to best position yourself to get recognized.

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